Good things!

Salon is growing by leaps & bounds!
looks like we'll be bringing on a new stylist sooner than I thought.
Still waiting for that $$$ to roll in!
building that empire!

Dear Friends,

I'm cutting down my LJ list, so if I don't know you IRL or we haven't talked in a long time I'm taking you off of here.
Nothing personal, I just want to keep this a place for my personal thoughts and rambles.

If I removed you by mistake please let me know!


(no subject)

Its the holiday season, so whoopdy do & dicery dock.
Dont forget to hang up your sock!

Yeah, I feel the EXACT opposite this year as I did last. Amazing.
I sure appreciate everything a lot more now.

I am so happy to be here. Chicago is so beautiful & magical this time of year. From the Mag mile & State st lights to the zoo & lincoln park all the way up to andersonville & beyond. Amazing good cheer.

Leaving was good but coming back was better.

I'll take the snow & cold to be surrounded by people I love! And the city I love the most! That beats any amount of sunshine & ocean.

Although, I might have stayed if the bombshell thing didn't happen but i'm mighty glad I didn't.

The Chicago vibe is so much cooler than the Long Beach vibe.
And this is when I am alive!

Holidays rule!!

Good times

You guys, my life is really good.
Work is getting more & more awesome each week. I never knew I'd be so awesome at having my own salon! :p
Im not making a lot of $ yet but we're able to buy things & pay bills & stuff. Its only been 4 months and were in the black. Albeit a tiny bit!
My personal salon business is better than ever. Im not taking new clients. Only refferals at this point. Which is aweeeeeesome! :D
We've had a lot of training updates. So yay, inspiration! Three of the lines we carry want me to educate for them. If i decide i want to do it, i will go with Schwarzkopf because i love everything about them. Killer hair color!!
I passed on Enjoy. Cuz, well, its not good enough for me.
My team is doing great! Its so cool to watch them grow too.

Once upon a time, a mentor told me that I have such an awesome gift, I just need to figure it out. Its puzzled me for years... Im finally begining to understand it!

Ian & i have been going out a lot. We've reconnected with some friends, made new ones & manage to see our circle a little too. Yay!

I am all in love with Chicago. Its a wonderful city filled with the coolest people! So so soooooooo glad we came back. Its where i thrive. I need the hustle & bustle. I need the city.

Well, this is long enough & poorly written.

Stay Beautiful!

And post more.


We totally rockstared last night til past 4am had a great time with our rocker friends!
I also saw a TON of people i havent seen in ages!
I am seriously making a better effort to go out more.
Yay Chicago!!
hot stuff!

El Jay

Using the app called El Jay. Its not awful, but it needs improvement.
At least I'll be able to keep up. I still love lj the best.
Anyone use any of the other lj apps for Android? Reveiws?