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Good times

You guys, my life is really good.
Work is getting more & more awesome each week. I never knew I'd be so awesome at having my own salon! :p
Im not making a lot of $ yet but we're able to buy things & pay bills & stuff. Its only been 4 months and were in the black. Albeit a tiny bit!
My personal salon business is better than ever. Im not taking new clients. Only refferals at this point. Which is aweeeeeesome! :D
We've had a lot of training updates. So yay, inspiration! Three of the lines we carry want me to educate for them. If i decide i want to do it, i will go with Schwarzkopf because i love everything about them. Killer hair color!!
I passed on Enjoy. Cuz, well, its not good enough for me.
My team is doing great! Its so cool to watch them grow too.

Once upon a time, a mentor told me that I have such an awesome gift, I just need to figure it out. Its puzzled me for years... Im finally begining to understand it!

Ian & i have been going out a lot. We've reconnected with some friends, made new ones & manage to see our circle a little too. Yay!

I am all in love with Chicago. Its a wonderful city filled with the coolest people! So so soooooooo glad we came back. Its where i thrive. I need the hustle & bustle. I need the city.

Well, this is long enough & poorly written.

Stay Beautiful!

And post more.


... that's awesome, you've worked really hard for it!
Thank you! It has been a long hard climb! :)
that's fantastic news! congrats!!
I love hearing good things about your guys!! If I'm ever in chicago, you *have* to take me on as a new customer! :)

You know I will!!
I miss you!
I'm really happy to hear things are going so well for you! That's awesome. Congrats on your success.
Thanks love! It hard and exhausting but oh so worth it!
I feel so happy reading this! <3
Excellent! To think, it was February when you cut my hair and told me about all of your entrepreneurial plans, and less than a year later, you've got YOUR OWN salon. Impressive, lady!
I was wondering how the salon is doing. That is fantastic news...pretty much unheard of to be in the black already.

Schwarzkopf is good stuff but have you tried Davines? I prefer their colour to Schwarzkopf's.

April 2015

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