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Its the holiday season, so whoopdy do & dicery dock.
Dont forget to hang up your sock!

Yeah, I feel the EXACT opposite this year as I did last. Amazing.
I sure appreciate everything a lot more now.

I am so happy to be here. Chicago is so beautiful & magical this time of year. From the Mag mile & State st lights to the zoo & lincoln park all the way up to andersonville & beyond. Amazing good cheer.

Leaving was good but coming back was better.

I'll take the snow & cold to be surrounded by people I love! And the city I love the most! That beats any amount of sunshine & ocean.

Although, I might have stayed if the bombshell thing didn't happen but i'm mighty glad I didn't.

The Chicago vibe is so much cooler than the Long Beach vibe.
And this is when I am alive!

Holidays rule!!


it really feels like Christmas doesn't it? I'm so happy you are enjoying it ... now all we need is a dusting of snow!
LOVE how good things are for you! It makes me really happy to see how life is just opening up like a flower for the CarrieMonster. <3
you're so cute! looking forward to seeing you Friday!
Why did you guys move back? If I didn't have so much arthritis in my body that is the suxor in the winter I'd go back to Chicago for the people. People there are just nicer and more polite and well less assholish. At least it seems that way. i'm glad you are so happy there and thriving.
We went back so I could take over my old salon but I ended up opening my own!! Scroll back you'll see all thr deets.

I was miserable there. The people were nice enough I was just bored to tears out there. im a big city girl. I missed my friends like mad. I have a huge connection with my friends here, so hard to walk away from that.

I do well in winter & really 3 months, 2 of which are usually preety bad, is really not that bad of a thing to deal with. Its worth it. Besides its warm inside & you can always buy a parka.
Being cold for a couple months is better than wrinkles & sun spots.

And I just REALLY love Chicago.

April 2015

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